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Warranty service

1. Rules of operation and maintenance of furniture

Furniture Brands MBC Furniture Factory & trade; and Furniture 7th & trade; will serve you long and reliably, if you to use them, and take care of them in accordance with the following guidelines:

1.1  ;. When buying furniture, be sure to check out the work of the transformation mechanism and its terms of use at a sales assistant;

1.2 In cases where significant changes in the operation of the effort required for folding, folding mechanism of transformation, this may indicate a fault occurs,. should immediately seek the advice of the sales assistant in such cases in order to prevent significant damage, do not use the transformation mechanism to obtain appropriate recommendations;

1.3  ;. When choosing furniture are sure to get an explanation from the sales assistant about permissible loads;

1.4  ;. In operation, the furniture should take into account the fact that one slat frame (in models, which are manufactured using slats) can withstand a point load up 60 kg, and the double lamella up to 130 kg;

1.5  ;. When you unpack the furniture and do not use sharp cutting tools with the aim of avoiding damage to upholstery;

1.6 When loading and unloading, transportation and maintenance of furniture avoid shocks that could damage the surfaces of fabrics, frame products, decorative. pieces of MDF, chipboard and painted wood;

1.7.  Do not place furniture on uneven floors. If there are irregularities, compensate for their support pads under furniture legs of shapes and sizes, which provide horizontal and stable position of products;

1.8.  Keep the surface of the furniture hot objects, liquids and the chemically active substances (alkalis, acids, etc.);

1.9  ;. Do not place furniture closer than 0.5 meters from heating appliances and artificial light sources;

1.10  ;. Avoid prolonged (more than 1-2 hours) direct sunlight on furniture, it can lead to discoloration and other defects;

1.11  ;. The furniture should be operated at a temperature between + 10 & deg;C to 28 & deg;C and relative humidity 45-70%;

1.12.  Do not use the backrest, headrest and armrests products for sitting or standing on them, it can cause damage to the frame, armrests, retention mechanisms ,broken welds on the sheath product;

1.13  ;. Do not move furniture or parts of it by sliding;

1.14.  Avoid uneven and dynamic loads to any part of the furniture (leaping, swinging, prolonged sitting on the edges, kneeling or full-length );

1.15.  Do not lift the assembled furniture for decorative wooden parts (armrests, backrest, side-bar), since these parts can be damaged by excessive ( more than 10 kg) load on them;

1.16  ;. Do not lift the furniture in the unfolded state;

1.17.  Removing dirt must be made solely by means of specially designed to care for furniture. Before using these tools, check their impact on the invisible part of the product or upholstery sample;

1.18.  Do not use bleach or any other drugs or substances that are not intended for the care of the relevant elements of furniture materials in order to avoid their alteration texture and color;

1.19.  Do not overload drawers for linen, which can lead to the expulsion of their bottom, their attachment assemblies violations or cracking walls of the box;

1.20.  Stick to the rules of operation of the folding mechanisms specified in the individual data sheets on these mechanisms (in the case of presence of such certificates in the product you have purchased);

1.21.  Stick to the rules of caring for upholstery materials of leather, specified in separate annexes to the passports of products made with genuine leather

2. Warranties

2.1. The warranty period for the product specified in the Data Sheet of your product;

2.2. Product life –10 years;

2.3. In the case of purchase of furniture utsenonnoy claims to defects and incompleteness specified in the check can be removed only at the expense of the purchaser;

2.4. Product defects detected during the warranty period and arising from fault of the manufacturer, will be eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer;

2.5. Claims to the appearance of products, completeness and compliance with the order are accepted only directly in the preparation of the product. In cases where incompleteness, inconsistency order (including appearance) were identified after the acceptance of the order (and the signing of documents on the transfer and acceptance), all works are carried out to eliminate them at the expense of the purchaser;

2.6. Deadlines for eliminating shortcomings in service under warranty, agreed between buyer and seller of the product in each case in accordance with the current legislation.

3. Warranty service is not performed in cases

3.1. Lack of documents confirming the payment of the full value of the product and the product passport.

3.2. The warranty period.

3.3. Failure to execute operation and maintenance of furniture Rules.

3.4. On the products of mechanical damage (chips, cuts, tears, cracks, dents).

3.5. Exceeding the permissible loads on the transformation mechanism and other elements of the product.

3.6. Damages or loss of product due to force majeure (natural disasters, fires, floods, accidents, etc.).

3.7. Injury to a product as a result of intentional or erroneous actions of the buyer.

3.8. Application of product damage caused by hitting into the product party objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc.

3.9. The presence of traces of third-party intervention in the product or repair the product yourself or organizations, businesses or individuals who are not members of the manufacturer.

3.10. Changes in product design.

3.11. Use of the product for industrial purposes.

4. Technological and functional features of the upholstered furniture, non-defective

4.1. Slight color differences and textures of fabrics and leathers in different parts of the product in comparison with the samples presented in the point of sale.

4.2. Slight color differences and texture paint on different parts of the product in comparison with the samples presented in the point of sale.

4.3. Fine "hairline" cracks (so-called "effect of cracking"), frayed upholstery made of genuine leather, arising from the use of furniture in places of constant use.

4.4. Light folds in the upholstery soft elements arising from the unfolding and lifting loads and disappear after a light smoothing hand.

4.5. Contamination, which arose naturally in the operation of the product.

4.6. The presence of natural sound during folding-unfolding mechanism of transformation products, and a load-unload parts for seat-recliner associated with mutual friction padded cloth or natural leather product parts and normal operation of the spring units, transformation mechanisms.

5. Terms of post-warranty service

5.1. Maintenance of furniturebrands MBC Furniture Factory & trade;and 7th Furniture & trade;is not limited to the warranty period and service life


5.2. In cases of inability to perform the elimination of defects in the furniture service under warranty for any of the reasons specified in section 3, they can be eliminated by the manufacturer after an appropriate written request of the buyer to the place of purchase and for the account of the buyer.

5.3. Defects as described in section 4 can also be eliminated by the manufacturer after an appropriate written request of the buyer to the place of purchase and for the account of the buyer.

6. Additional information

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify products to improve their performance characteristics without notice, in comparison with the samples presented in the points of sale, including during the warranty or post-warranty service.

Suggestions, complaints and comments, please send to the address: 62303, Kharkiv obasti, Mr. Voroshilov Str. Culture, 106 .

Table permissible static loads on upholstered furniture with different mechanisms of transformation