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Bed Mebus Marseille Gallery

Brand: Mebus
Article: 2601120
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Domestic manufacturer of diverse furniture company «Mebus »is a new product offering buy a bed «Marseille Gallery ». The name itself indicates the assignment model to the unique and colorful style of Provence. The bedrooms are decorated in a given direction, a surprisingly cozy, domestic, have to sleep and rest .

Bed «Marseille gallery »is traditionally made from natural raw materials –durable and dense wood. There is nothing that decorates furniture like nobility and restraint of natural timber. Wide and comfortable sleeping area ensures comfort and space for two adults. The bed is very elegant, despite a full size double. High thin legs whose vertices are crowned wooden parts in the form of balls, clearly restrict the sleeping area. High slatted headboard light, really beautiful in his little provincial guise. It decorates the middle of a small monogram, coronet, making the bed a unique and original. The product is covered with white paint, which is typical for the selected stylistic form .

Bed in addition to visual appeal, different practicality. It can be easily assembled from netyazholyh wooden parts. At your request the manufacturer complements its lifting mechanism and the sections for storage.

  • Overall width (cm) 169
  • Overall length (cm) 211
  • The head height (cm) 100
  • The width of the bed (cm) 160
  • The length of the bed (cm) 200
  • Sleeping place 160x200 cm
  • Dimensions 169h211h100h (cm)
  • Material: wood / chipboard faced with oak veneer
  • Frame Collapsible wooden frame
  • Type of bed double
  • Additionally Bed compartment can be supplemented with a lifting mechanism and the metal frame
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