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Double wooden bed Laguna 160x200 cm with a lifting mechanism (Color 2) MVS

Brand: MVS
Article: 434.677
In stock
20 202 UAH
16 835 UAH

The question of finding a place for storage in our time is extremely relevant, because it is not always the possibility of placing a sufficient amount of cabinets or drawers. In this situation, one of the most reasonable solution would be buy bed "Lagoon" with a lifting mechanism .

This bed has the same advantages as the normal Bed "Laguna" : high quality materials, original design and rather low price. However, the presence of the lifting mechanism and roomy baskets for storing distinguishes it from the analog model. The lifting mechanism is located on the sides of the tabs and Solder pads enables raising the slats together with the mattress and provides access to the clothesline ducts located under the bed. Therefore, you no longer have to think out where to hide a variety of bulky items - bedding, winter clothes and more. Incidentally, the presence of boxes is absolutely not noticeable from the outside, because the framework has a solid construction and boxes - not nominated


Make a purchase and get a three-year warranty from the manufacturer, it is possible not only in the offices of our sales network, but also on the website online store.

  • Overall width (cm) 174
  • Overall length (cm) 217
  • The head height (cm) 80
  • The width of the bed (cm) 160
  • The length of the bed (cm) 200
  • Frame Alder / Ash
  • Type of bed double
  • Frame material Solid wood
Добрый день, Константин!
Да, кровать Лагуна 160*200 может быть изготовлена с выдвижными ящиками.
Доброго вечора.Чи можливо замовити ліжко ,,Лагуна'' 1600 на 2000 але щоб в ньому з боку були дві видвижні тумби, замість підйомного механіза.
Анастасия, связаться с нами Вы можете по номеру 8-800-333-17-05 или по электронной почте
Здравствуйте скажите пожалуйста можно заказать кровать "Лагуна" с подемным механизмом 200*200 с металическим каркасом и как вопрос доставки в Россию(подробней расскажите) и если можно контактные телефоны по которым можно задать вопросы..
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