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Chairs with recliners

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Armchair Cherokee with recliner MVS
Armchair Cherokee with recliner MVS
14 961 UAH
12 468 UAH
Armchair Oscar with recliner MVS
Armchair Oscar with recliner MVS
12 468 UAH
11 544 UAH
Chair Tesla with recliner MVS
Chair Tesla with recliner MVS
16 378 UAH
13 648 UAH

armchairs Recliners –ideal for relaxing

Chair with Recliner was coined by US designer upholstered furniture, as in the United States has always put forward specific requirements for comfort. Now we have the opportunity to feel the maximum comfort and convenience. Buy chairs a Recliners in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Dnieper, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities is not difficult. A variety of models such upholstered furniture on the market.

Basic provisions chairs with recliners

What is the essence of the system? You can choose the height and angle of the backrest, raise the footrest of the chair to make a complete vacation spot lying. The mechanism can be operated manually or by electric motor.

Upholstered furniture of this type has a number of provisions that are relevant in a given situation: sitting position –fully corresponds to the conventional chair, the back is perpendicular to the seat, footrest has been removed;reclining position –it is also called the TV position, backrest angle of 110 degrees, palm raised legs;position lying –backrest reclined at 145 degrees, palm raised feet, you can completely relax.

In this chair you can read your favorite book or magazine, watch an exciting movie or just take a nap during the day. Armchair with recliners can combine a number of additional features: a full rotation around its axis, a rocking chair, the folding function


Today, you can buy a chair with recliner , fully adapted to the home environment. If the first models better suited to the chairs for non-residential premises, offices, the cozy and comfortable modern chairs fit perfectly into an apartment or a house, adding even more comfort. Externally, the model quite stylish, they can be placed in the living room, office, bedroom, terrace and elsewhere in the apartment or house where you like to relax.

The mechanical or electric recliner

As mentioned above, the recliner can be of two types: mechanical and electrical. The first requires some effort to put the chair in the desired position. His weight is necessary to press down on the back, to return to its original position as possible, pulling the lever. A more modern type of unfolding –electric. All manipulations occur with the chair by pressing a button on the remote. And one, and the second option is convenient and practical.

Do you want to buy a seat with recliners in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lviv and Dnieper or another city, but do not know where to find a really high quality and functional models? Welcome to the online store of furniture Furniture 7th & trade ;. This section presents the best "holiday-makers" seats, which will delight you with a stylish design, softness, incredible comfort and affordable price.

You'll hurry home, knowing that you rest and relaxation is waiting in a chair. All models have a presentable, luxurious appearance. The frame is made of wood, leather or upholstery preferably from quality eco-leather.