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Bookcase Mebus open 1SH-50 Carolina
Bookcase Mebus open 1SH-50 Carolina
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Bookcase Mebus 80 open Galicia
Bookcase Mebus 80 open Galicia
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Bookcases. What to prefer?

It seems, in what may be a problem when choosing a bookcase? If the furniture is already present in the room and needed a bookcase, you will have to try hard to find a suitable product in the shade, shape and size. As a rule, bookcases come in modular configuration for living rooms and bedrooms. If you are when you purchase you ever thought about the presence of a bookcase, to remedy the situation, you can easily purchase it with other products later

High-quality bookshelf &ndash.;furniture is a product that even after 10 and 20 years and will look worse than the day of purchase. Of course, the important role played here by handling of furniture. Proper care will preserve the novelty for many, many years.

What bookcase choose?

It all depends on your personal preferences and interior features of the room. Today's manufacturers offer products for every taste:

The number of shelves may also be different. But the most important thing in a bookcase –is its compactness. The product is narrow enough so to easily find a place for him at the wall or in a corner of the room.

Bookcase with a combination of open ceiling and closed departments makes it possible not only to place the book, but also any other household items. All that should be hidden from human eyes, can easily be placed in closed departments. You can accommodate a variety of decorative elements also on open shelves: statues, family photos, any toys, and more. If the bookcase in the living room set, bottom shelf can be allocated to the child, so that he could take his own books and stack them neatly. So you teach a child responsible for the order and the independence

Bookcases Natural wood &ndash.;classic. Yes, they are durable and look luxurious, but it has its drawbacks. Such products are quite bulky and are much more expensive counterparts. As an analogy: bookcases from high particleboard and MDF. These materials have long proved their strength and durability. They are used to create different furniture. It can often be foundbright and exclusive modular kitchens made of particleboard, MDF panels treated in the desired color.

And what a bookcase will you choose? In the online store "7th Furniture ™" A wide range of models to suit all tastes. A variety of sizes, shapes, colors, kitting –all the choice is yours. Buy a bookcase in Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Odessa  and other cities, you may delivery convenient transport carrier. We guarantee quick and on-time delivery. It is also possible to build.

Have a question? Call our experts are always ready to advise and help with the selection of suitable products. Qualitative bookcase –it's your bargain and delicious complement the interior.