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Bunk beds

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Convertible-away bunk sofa bed Eva easy-bed MVS
Convertible-away bunk sofa bed Eva easy-bed MVS
36 356 UAH
30 472 UAH

Bunk Bed –comfortable, functional and practical

Probably every child dreams of a bunk bed with a ladder, and if the family two toddlers and a children's room, the purchase of such furniture is a must. Fortunately, today buy bunk beds in Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Ternopil, Odessa, Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities is not difficult. The market offers all sorts of options to help create comfort and functionality in the children's room.

This version of the children's bed is comfortable enough, even if the house until only one child. Designated bed covers as much as single, but in the house there is another bed, which can be used if necessary. If the replenishment of the family do not plan, you can purchase loft bed –a kind of bunk beds, where the first floor is involved under the play area, desk or cabinet.

What material to choose a bunk bed?

Before to buy a bunk bed is necessary to determine in what material it is made. It depends on it, and the appearance of the product, and other functional features. The most popular materials used in the production of bedding with two tiers: natural wood; Metal profile colored coated; . chipboard and other plates

Each material has its own advantages and features. Metal beds easy to assemble, and strong enough not to kill. This is especially true for a child's room, at the time when the bed can become and a trampoline, and spacecraft, and other elements of an exciting game. In addition, the colored iron looks stylish, it may well be the most beautiful element of the interior. To cover the metallic elements can be both white andbright color.

Many parents tend to buy bunk beds made of wood. This is quite justifiable desire, because it is the most eco-friendly material. Solid wood furniture beautiful, durable, perfectly written into any style of interior. Adding a wooden bed,bright textiles, cushions and other accessories, get cozy corner in which your child will be comfortable and sleep, and play

The most important advantages of beds from chipboard:. The most reasonable price and unusual designs that can be to realize by means of the material .;. The market is also presented models of composite materials

In addition to the diversity of materials buy bunk beds in Kyiv, Rivne, Odessa, Kharkiv and all over Ukraine can be in different design solutions: the traditional bed, transformer, parsed into two self-contained bed, three bed with traveling beds, bed-sofa, a loft bed. As well as furniture with additional functionality: cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. In the online store "Family" presents a variety of models, customers will be pleased with the quality and price of products.