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Children's sofas

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Convertible sofa Mustang Mini easy-bed with cushions from Tet-a-Tet 2 pcs MVS
Convertible sofa Mustang Mini easy-bed with cushions from Tet-a-Tet 2 pcs MVS
18 153 UAH
15 128 UAH
Convertible children sofa Baby-Night easy-bed MVS
Convertible children sofa Baby-Night easy-bed MVS
5 830 UAH
4 858 UAH

All the best –children! Which children's sofa to buy?

Nothing is chosen carefully and responsibly as furniture and furnishings baby room . After all, during the development of the baby it has to be surrounded only quality products that will help to grow and develop properly.

That is why in our online store, we pay special attention to the selection of children's furniture. We allow parents to buy children's sofas in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnieper with delivery across Ukraine . products in the catalog, are of high quality, thoughtful design and funny performance that will love your child.

The most convenient design of children's sofas

Before you buy children's sofa , you must choose the most suitable for your case design, and then to be determined with colors, designs and materials. The most popular designs in the market of children's furniture: sofas with roll-out mechanism, sofas and couches Evroknizhkamechanism dolphin . Each of these designs is suitable for use in the nursery. In addition, most models are made taking into account the peculiarities of the child's body structure and are orthopedic, safe products.

The withdrawable mechanism enables compact and small sofa that does not take a day a lot of space, the evening turned into a full-fledged, comfortable bed . Children's sofas Evroknizhkamechanism is also easy to use, it can be expanded even a child, there is no need to push the furniture away from the wall. Finally something relatively new design on the market –dolphin mechanism, which was called due to surfacing the second part of the sofa, forming a smooth, comfortable bed

A comfortable sofa &ndash.;guarantee of good sleep a child

A good sleep is very important in the development of a young body, so in the production of children's furniture should take into account all the standards and regulations for safety and convenience. Therefore we work only with reliable manufacturers, carefully inspect the entire range and confidently declare that the children's sofas in the online store "7th ™"  - this is the best choice for toddlers and older kids

without exception, all models are made of quality materials. As a frame used eco-friendly wood, such as pine timber, which has a positive effect on the child's body. Good fillers great support back baby, spared from the problems with the spine. Soft, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic upholstery give enjoyment during day and night rest. The child will sleep like a baby, even if a long time has grown out of this age

If you're looking for quality, safe and colorful items for children's, our online store &ndash.;It is the best solution. To buy children's sofas in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Chernihiv, Lutsk and other cities there is no need to go to the furniture store , you can order the delivery to any point of Ukraine.